Beach Walk 281 – Mind Body the Flu Edition

Back on the beach, meditating on making use of the flu.

I’m not “well” but I’m feeling better and so we have a literal beach walk show for you today. I like to use illness and down time as a meditation opportunity. How might my body be opening up my perception? What’s going on with my throat chakra? I don’t buy 100% cause and effect, but I do like the exploration of “what if.”

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P.S. I passed on the swim. That’ll make Mom and Secret Cameraman happy.

E komo mai (welcome!) to those of you who heard about us from the BBC News Online.

Update – Thanks Peter for the typo alert on the title of this show. It’s fixed. You iTunes subscribers can fix it yourself if you’ve already downloaded the show. Just right-click on the episode and “Get Info.” You can edit the title there.

Hawaiian words
MaÊ»: sick
Puʻu: throat

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Beach Walk 280 – No Talk, No Walk

Short show today as I continue my preference for no walk, no talk in favor of rest and restoration. No faking it up here at Beach Walks!

I saw this TV newscaster recently, all made up and dressed up. But her voice was barely audible. She was clearly sick. And I thought, “what’s so freakin’ important that she couldn’t stay home and get a sub??” So today, if you want more Beach Walks, please peruse our very rich archives. I’ve asked our frequent viewers to leave some comments of shows they like, as recommendations to those of you who may be new here.

I’m feeling better. Mahalo for all of your good blessings!

Here are few shows I like, in no particular order:
Beach Walk #100 – Lexi Talks
Beach Walk #94 – Going to Vloggercon
Beach Walk #154 – A Good Day Diving on the North Shore
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E komo mai (welcome!) to those of you who heard about us from the BBC News Online.

Mahalo to Chris for being guest cameraman on Show #180. Please check out his PetFlight site to learn about traveling with your pets.

Hawaiian words
MaÊ»: sick

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Beach Walk 219 OTR – Rox’s Travel Tips

I made it through security with my one-way ticket hassle-free! Now for some on board insider travel tips!

Watch this video to learn how to get a more comfortable seat and how to avoid being exposed to all those flu germs that are concentrated inside airplanes!

Day one at the expo has been great. I love seeing so many of you who I’ve only been in touch with by virtual space, and the hugs are great! (Dorothy, Philip, Chris Brogan, Greg Narain, Jim Kirks, Zadi and Steve, Tony Katz, Casey and Rudy, Robert Scoble, Kent Nichols, Mike Hudack, Gary Rosenzweig, Daniel McVicar, Dave Slusher, Tiffany Young & Ben Freedman, Ted Tagami, Phoebe Ventouras, Andrew Baron, Vic Podcaster, Victor Cajiao, Yukako Tajima, Eric Rice, Nathan Greene, Mike McAllen, Matt Harris, and more!)

I’ll be at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo through Saturday, then in Orange County for a few days, before heading on to Santa Fe to work with some of our clients there.

Hawaiian words
Kaʻahele: travel
ʻOlu: comfort

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Beach Walk – Roxy is Ma’i (sick)

Poor Roxy is sick.

Watch Beach Walks - Roxy is Ma'iSo we’ve got a short intro of a Lanikai moonrise over the ocean and then a rerun of Show #9, one of our favorites!

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h3. About Today’s Show

Rox is Ma’i (sick). It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does she goes down for the count for a day. She’s doing much better than she was earlier today and I’m expecting her to be back to 100% by tomorrow.

Love and Aloha, Secret Camera Man

Hawaiian words
Ma’i: sickness, illness
Palū: flu, influenza
Moe: sleep

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