Beach Walk 292 – Feedback Fabulous

DriveCam provides feedback to drivers and can reduce accidents by over 50%. Feedback in relationships works really well too I think.

I read about the DriveCam device in the current issue of Business 2.0 and what struck me was how useful and relevant the concept of feedback can be. There is just so much to know these days. Having a device or a person that can provide accurate, neutral feedback is a great way to learn I think. It’s hard to do with people sometimes, as it is so easy to get invested in the results. That automatically injects pressure into the situation. But a nice unbiased device that tracks behaviors and shares insight? Awesome I think. Would you take advice from a cam?

I want to thank you John and Kennedy for your conch calls. I keep getting distracted and forgetting to say something at the beach. We’ve got a lot of work being jammed in before the holiday week, so I’m running on fumes pretty much these days.

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