Beach Walk 713 – Thinking Makes Us Hungry

Are you like me? Staying up late working on my computer tends to make me hungry. It seems like I am burning calories, and that warrants having a snack. Well, apparently the brain is tricking us a bit by creating a hunger connection without the usual caloric expenditure. So over time, the less you sleep and the more you are thinking the more likely you are to gaining weight! Guess it is time to use my brain to ignore what my brain is telling my tummy. This research was done at Laval University in Quebec.

Hawaiian Word:
Manaʻo Think

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Beach Walk 199 – Body Worship

It’s Sunday; join me to celebrate some body worship and surfing too.

About Today’s Show:

There is a tiny church on the waterfront in south Kona that has its doors always open and a perennial view of the sea free to all. Appearance stories have been in the news:
* CBS gets caught taking 20 pounds off Katie Couric
* Ms. Aloha Nui Beauty Contest requires 200 pounds minimum (requires free registration)
* Maryam celebrates size sixteen
Regardless of how a person looks, s/he is bound to encounter prejudice (pre-judgment) from some people. That only matters if the prejudiced person is yourself.

The body is a rich part of our human experience living with limits and boundaries. Some people love to push those limits to extreme ends. After all the body is such an amazing thing to play with once we get away from value judgments and fears about its fragility!

The trick is to figure out what makes you most comfortable in your body. I’ve found that this is fluid for me, meaning I go through phases of wanting more or less food, more or less activity, more or less sleep, etc. It’s taken me decades to learn to be flexible and accepting of this diversity.

Next door to the church where I filmed today’s show is the KuÊ»emanu Heiau, a traditional Hawaiian temple devoted to surfing. Surfing used to be reserved for the ali&$699;i, and it used to be done naked. Now everyone can surf, but most people wear swim suits. 🙂

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Hawaiian words
Nepunepu: plump
Nui: large, abundant, important
Aliʻi: royalty

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