Beach Walk 664 – Covered Wagons 2.0

Dealing with technology some days is just like people who explored the west centuries ago.

You start off on a path that looks good, then encounter an obstacle. Sometimes you can get around it, sometimes you have to go back and start a new path. We’ve been dealing with that on Beach Walks eh? New software, breaks old paths. Some people have old version, some have new version. Not all upgrades are “backwards compatible.” Sometimes files have to be re-encoded. Mahalo nui for being side by side adventurers with us!

Hawaiian word:
ʻImi loa: explore

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Beach Walk 407 – Exploration

I am going to Bali to experience a different type of energy – energy from the other side of the world.

I am not trying to escape my challenges, rather I am intentionally taking them with me to experience them in a different environment, with a different perspective.

We also have a beautiful new theme song, written just for us by Kaimoku! You can find more music from Kaimoku: The Ukulele Experiment.

Hawaiian words
ʻImi loa: to seek far, explore

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