Beach Walk 639R – Kailua Beach Clean-up

Every year the local shop, Kailua Sailboards and Kayaks, hosts a beach clean up. If you fill a bag with collected trash, they’ll give you a coupon for two hours of free kayak rental. We did this episode originally in 2006, and I still really like it, despite the somewhat discouraging reason for being at the beach. OTOH, we have some great music from JRoQ, and I love Shane’s editing too.

So come on down to Kailua Beach this Sunday, help us clean up and get a free coupon for 2 hours on our beautiful bay!

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Hawaiian word:
ʻOpala: trash

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Beach Walk 587 – Plastic Bags All Pau

One of the things I have not liked about our daily habits is the use of plastic bags to clean up Lexi’s poo.

Recently I found about and ordered some corn-based bags that are fully biodegradable. The more I learn about plastic bags, the more I see them as a scourge on the planet (one million per minute!!), much like plastic water/juice/soda bottles. Get some facts here on the enormous use of plastic bags and their repercussions.

Hawaiian Word:
Ke ʻeke ʻea: plastic bag
Pau: finished, done

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Beach Walk 580 – Preserve Beach Access Hawaii

This Saturday, Beach Access Hawaii is leading a statewide rally to raise awareness about beach access in Hawaii.

No surprise to most, it is a shrinking resource despite a growing population. You know me and math – and this equation doesn’t work out well! You can read an awesome list of facts and state regulations collected by the Kahea Foundation and the Surfrider Foundation is a perennial source of good data on beaches and ocean activity.

This issue affects both residents and visitors. Locals: I hope you will attend one of the rallies this Saturday. Visitors: I hope you will sign our online petition!

Mahalo to Joe Philipson of Philipson Photography for introducing today’s episode! Check out a couple of pics he posted to Flickr.

Hawaiian Word:
Kahakai: beach

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Beach Walk 569 – Pluto and Dark Skies

My guest today is Richard Wainscoat, PhD, an astronomer at the University of Hawaii and also a photographer.

He was on the committee that “de-commissioned” Pluto from being a bonafide planet (and tells us why) and is also working with the International Association of Dark Skies and the City and County of Honolulu to reduce light pollution. Apologies for rushing my guest somewhat; I just wanted to address several of the interesting things with which he is involved!

Hawaiian Word:
Lani: sky But really, check out the richness of the concept of “sky” in the Hawaiian language here.)

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Beach Walk 555 – Lexi’s Limo Buys Carbon Offsets

By a curious coincidence, Santa came a day early, and the very day after Shane and I watched, Who Killed the Electric Car on DVD last night!

Lexi now has her very own limo, and I no longer have to decide between driving around town to do errands (with Lexi’s fine company) or using my bicycle and dealing with Lexi’s major moping mood at being left at home.

Plus! We will be offsetting about 6 lbs of carbon offset for each little trip to the beach! This definitely feels good, and so do those calories I am going to be burning in my neglected thighs, which hopefully won’t be producing too much CO2 either. 🙂 And in case you are worrying about the calories required to fuel these bike rides, both Lexi and I stay away from McDonald’s as a matter of habit.

Hawaiian Word:
Mele kalikimaka: Merry Christmas

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