Beach Walk 528 – Vedic Astrology with Sally

We were walking down to the beach (water is still officially closed) and we “ran into” Sally Spencer, a woman I see often on the beach and with whom I’ve chatted on “MySpace”: now and then. I have really liked her energy.

She’s a practitioner of Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology, based on Hindu beliefs and related but different from western style astrology. She tells us about in today’s episode. It has a sacred basis and supports much more activities to influence your planets that is common in western astrology.

What’s cool IMO, as a sidebar, is all of the interesting people we meet living aloha here in Hawai’i. It’s so diverse and rich (maybe other places are too) yet because of the openness and sunshine we actually get to meet them walking the beach!

Sally’s Web Site
Sally’s MySpace Page
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Hawaiian Word:
Hōkū hele: planet

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Beach Walk 510 – Sad Ferry, Happy Animals

The Super Ferry has been shut down for now, awaiting an Environmental Impact Study or new legislation, or both.

We here in Hawai’i have been getting some bad press about this issue. And some people are truly upset. Most that I have spoken with are reasonable – do the study, plan for potential problems, but bottom line the ferry will add value to many lives.

By a sort of co-incidence, my friend Ava sent a link to this slide show about a polar bear frolicking with some dogs up in the Arctic. I found the pictures truly amazing, and I keep returning to the thought, Animals Are Conscious. (See “BW #162 and BW #448.) That doesn’t mean they do not sometimes need our protection; it just means that in many cases they are capable of taking care of themselves.

BTW, we sure had a lot of dogs on the beach playing with us today too.

Peter sent this in case you want to express your opinion:
Email All Representatives at: [email protected]
Email All Senators at: [email protected]

Not all receive email, so you may receive a few bounce messages; not to worry.

Hawaiian Word:
Lokomaikai: generosity, kindness

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Beach Walk 451 – Build Confidence with Data

Some people are confident naturally; here are some tips for the rest of us.

My friend Chris Brogan recently recorded a podcast about it. Today’s episode of Beach Walks (filmed on an amazing day!!) came from my decisions to “swim first” and do the show second. One of the ways I’ve learned to build confidence is to be able to resist my feelings, and use data to inform my decisions and actions. That pesky #2 personality is frequently there to play the emotion card, which can keep us thinking and feeling “one down.”

Hawaiian Word:
Paulele: confidence

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Beach Walk 448 – Adventurous Animals

Yesterday’s show comments got me thinking about animals and adventure.

I think there is a difference between causing intentional harm and the injuries that result from living life on the edge of adventure. It’s a very personal choice, and when it comes to animals whom we care-take, there is thoughtfulness to be considered. It’s another example of how I like to look at the whole spectrum of an issue, gather data, and then decide what makes sense to me. Tell me, what of this episode makes sense to you?

P.S. This topic inadvertently drifted over to a “fathers are cool” theme, just in time for Father’s Day in the USA this Sunday. For a good time, go to flickr and search for “dad” and you’ll find all kinds of neat stuff.

Beach Walk 162 – Are Animals Conscious?
Beach Walk 195 – Fear Factor

Hawaiian Word:
Hana hoʻopīhoihoi: adventure

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Beach Walk 447 – Kap’n & Joe, the Skateboarding Dog

Some of you may have noticed we missed a show…well this was the show I tried to get yesterday! But I was not monitoring sound correctly, and missed the audio completely. I am so lucky though – I ran into Joe and the Captain again (how lucky is that??).

I’ve seen them around time many times, but never was able to get ahead in time to say “Stop! I want to talk.” Our internet may be slow but we sure are “lucky we live Hawaiʻi! (Rhonda! Please call me so we can get together. 808-384-5554.)

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E-Glide Skateboards

Hawaiian Word:
ʻĪlio: dog

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