Beach Walk 516R – This is Where It’s At

Happy -Monday- Tuesday!

I am traveling this week so please enjoy some of our favorite episodes in the Hawaiiana category. My apologies as well as I had a big problem uploading these files. We are starting off the week with a shoot from the recording studios of Doctor Trey with our favorite local girl band, MightyJ. Please check out their site so you can buy their wonderful music and find out where they are playing live, here in the islands.

You can see Lexi got lucky too.

Hawaiian Word:
Mele: music

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Beach Walks with “Doc” – 336

We’re on a roll: meet the producer of Mighty J, Doctor Trey!

I met “Doctor Trey” through the Hawaii Association of Podcasters. He’s an influential person in the music industry here. His talents (and his students, including Jake Shimabukuro) keep expanding in so many directions!

He says he never likes to be on camera, but some magical combination of Mighty J’s energy and being at the beach…and he decided to walk with us. The more I get to know Trey, the more in awe of him I am. He teaches Ê»uku.lele, he is a Nā HōkÅ« Hanohano award winning record producer and sound engineer, he has taught himself to podcast (audio and video), built several web sites, and is a new dad!

We had him over for dinner tonight to meet our friends Eric, Stacey, and Kaile. Eric is going on a second tour of Iraq, so Trey’s going to give him some uke lessons so he can take the sweet sounds of aloha (along with our thoughts and prayers) with him.

Meanwhile, here is a link to Kimo Watanabe’s MySpace page. Kimo – please be on Beach Walks sometime!

Hawaiian words
Hanohano: glorious, magnificent
Hōkū: star

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