Beach Walk 269 OTR – Parents Promote Diversity

When I see this title, it feels like Biology 101. But I’d like it to weigh in with Psychology too!

I’ve had some observations after visiting with my parents. First, I was reminded of the fundamental relationship principle: opposites attract. Then I realized how the offspring of a couple shares those opposites in multiple ways. And actually becomes a bridge of peace, an expanded consciousness, and hence it is unstoppable that we are moving towards a greater sense of understanding each other. Though yes, some days it feels slower than a snail’s pace.

Anyway, I was half asleep and sleep-deprived, so this show may or may not make much sense to you. It just seems like a brilliant, subversive mechanism to get us disparate souls connected slowly but surely.

Tomorrow, I fully expect to be back at the beach in Hawaii!

Hawaiian words
Makua: parent
Keiki: children
Malu: peace

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