Beach Walk 28 – Perfectly Reasonable People

What a glorious morning!

About Today’s Show:

When the show started, I was actually feeling a bit cranky and conflicted. I was torn between “being real” (let it rip, Rox!!) and pulling it together so as not to bore you with my petty grievances. I decided to do both, and illustrate how it is I move past being attached to my fleeting opinions. Positivity as phoniness: there is plenty of that around in old-style media. Uninhibited rantings: there is plenty of that around in new media. What’s in shorter supply is a detached point of view, where in the end, none of this matters.

Note: On the iPod rejecting videos, it’s actually an iTunes thing. A recent iTunes software update started rejecting all videos that were not .m4v. Apple knows about it and said they are working on it. Hopefully they’ll have a fix out quickly. If you right-click on a video and choose “Convert selection for iPod” then it works fine.

Hawaiian words
Hukihuki: dissension, friction, not cooperative, tug of war game

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