Beach Walk 144 – The Gear Show

At last, we have a show to show you how we make Beach Walks with Rox.

Can’t play the movie? Visit our Help page for more info. You probably need the newest version of Quicktime, as our videos are iPod-ready.

About Today’s Show

Lots of people ask us how we make the show. Being a daily show, we have adapted a number of different tools to use, depending on the circumstances. Since most of our shows are outdoors, we have setups for rain, underwater, and now a backup video camera since our original one had a near death experience and had to go to the hospital. We’ve got more items on the wish list, a fill light would come in handy some days and a polarizing filter will give you even more of the beauty I see behind my shades.

I goofed on my part trying to film secret cameraman with his tripod and steady cam rig, so please check back tomorrow for that bonus!

Here are some links for things mentioned in the show.
Sony Digicam HDR HC1 – this is the newish camera; has line in for mic, and shoots in high def though we don’t use that yet. You can choose wide screen or 4×3 perspective.
Olympus SW 730 – This is the small handheld camera that can go 10′ underwater. It shoots still and video, and can capture sound on video.
Sony DCR PC5 – Old camera, hard to find, but works great and has mic line in. (Not to be confused with the hot shoe on many Sony cameras that only take Sony products.)
Olympus Stylus 410 – Can withstand some rain; takes 20-second video clips but no sound
LowePro Backpack – This isn’t the exact one we have, but it’s the closest I could find. Lots of great compartments for keeping mics, camera, batteries, postcards, and doggie bags. (Ours does not have the laptop pocket.)

Hawaiian words
Pono: gear

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