Beach Walk 443 – New Media At Pixelodeon

Strangely enough, I was feeling a bit speechless today and by “coincidence” our battery died before I could finish up this episode!

I suspect the dead battery was merely a reflection of my mental state. To put the final point on this, our extra hand-held Olympus underwater camera was also dead! That one I had just removed from the charger, so it appears it is ready for camera heaven. 🙂

In any case, most days I love the disruption that is taking place in how we communicate and connect with each other. It’s all over the map; people are coming out of nowhere and developing a message and an audience. This weekend, new voices in online video will be showcased and discussed at the American Film Institute, at Pixelodeon. Beach Walks will be covered by Patricia Lange, as she discusses how people use intimacy and vulnerability to promote social change. Much mahalo to the organizers:

Jay Dedman A former journalist at CNN and educator at MNN
Zadi Diaz New media producer and principal at Smashface Productions, LLC. Co-creator and host of JETSET.
Ryanne Hodson Co-author of Secrets of Videoblogging, co-founder of Freevlog and Node101.
Irina Slutsky Co-founder and host of Geek Entertainment Television and founder of the Vloggies, an online video awards show.
Steve Woolf Co-creator and producer of JETSET show and principal at Smashface Productions, LLC.


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Make: dead

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