Beach Walk 31 – Cheers for Tears, Part 2

With four long meetings today in three different parts of the island, we found ourselves filming at Compadres Restaurant in Honolulu while the rain came at Ala Moana Beach Park across the street.

About Today’s Show:

Two more stories about the positivity of crying. Thanks to Nick and all the staff at Compadres – they were spot on friendly, professional, and helpful. Given the chance to sit down and chat, I turned this into a long show!

Links mentioned in the show:
Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber
Music of Howard Shore
JRoq and Doctor Trey CD
JRoq and Doctor Trey Site
Podsafe Music Network
Re:invention marketing blog
Rancho La Puerta Spa
Jack Canfield

Hawaiian words
Hāʻawipio: to give up or surrender

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Beach Walk 30 – Cheers For Tears, Part 1

Have you had a good cry lately?

About Today’s Show:

I was reading about tennis pro Roger Federer last night and how he cries openly at sporting events. I think this is a dramatic shift from the traditional “how to behave in public” rules. I consider it quite remarkable and for me it falls into the ever-growing camp of broken rules that will not be put back together, fostered in large part by the internet and its ability to help us all communicate. Listen to the show to find out how crying can be helpful to you.

Music is Kaimoku: The Ukulele Experiment

Hawaiian words
UÄ“: to cry

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