Beach Walk 699 – Add Options

Bottom line: when you have more options there can be less stress. The flip side is that it takes more time, more consciousness, more energy to discover and create the options And having way too many options can create its own form of stress at the other end of the spectrum. But for now, for today, this episode is about how a parent can give a child a few choices enabling then to be true to their inner quirky self without having to be an ungracious rebel. My friend Stacey is a master and I love watching her parent little Kaile.

Hawaiian Word:
Koho: choice

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Beach Walk 258 OTR – Free to Be in NYC

A rainy day in NYC, Bill Cammack of joins me under cover by the Hudson River to talk about the personal freedoms to be found in the midst of a crowd.

Bill is a native New Yorker who loves the city, and explains how the creativity and competition works here for him. In a crowded place, it’s possible to diversify yourself in an unlimited number of ways. He’s an Emmy Award-winning video editor currently working as a free-lancer.

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Hawaiian words
Noʻonoʻo hana: creative

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