Beach Walk 323 – Freedom to Ignore

Another positive aspect of there being so much information (even highly opinionated stuff) is the freedom to ignore all of it except what I want to focus on in the here and now.

I’ve been hearing about interesting things, documentaries about other life forms in our universe (the Greatest Story Ever Denied), about conspiracies related to 9/11, The Secret and so forth. (John – I still haven’t watched The Secret but it’s on my to do list!)

Did anyone hear about the United Airlines crew that reported something like a UFO at O’Hare airport?

I used to find this sort of stuff overwhelming. Now, I see it as a huge diversity of choice. There are too many things in our world right now that are unprovable, so you and I get to choose basically what we want to believe. We can choose how much or how little we want to get involved. I can ignore things; if something is truly relevant, it will keep showing up until it gets my attention, in the present.

Hawaiian words
Nānā ʻole: ignore

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