Beach Walk 143 – Grownups for Peace

It takes a grownup to be able to respond to an emotional attack or accusation.

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About Today’s Show

I am one of those people can see both sides of an issue relatively easy. That sometimes makes it difficult to know what my true preference is. Nonetheless many people become very attached to their point of view, and now the internet gives us each a place to shout out all those things we’ve kept bottled up inside. It is indeed very liberating.

Unless you are the recipient of someone else’s unleashed outrage.

It takes a grownup to not take those things personally (in the emotional sense) yet still be able to listen to the root of the message. Yelling feels awfully good; but two people yelling at each other rarely solve the problem.

I am looking for people who are passionate about their beliefs yet are willing to listen to other points of view. Tell me how you manage to reign in the urge to shout back. Let’s teach each other how to send the #2s out to play while the grownups (our #1s) solve problems.

Those adorable real kids in today’s show are our friends Caroline and Christopher.

Here are some links for things mentioned in the show.
Robert Scoble
Learn what I mean about #1 and #2

Hawaiian words
ʻUwā: shout
Lohe pono: to listen carefully

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