Beach Walk 707 – The Race Against Racism

Do you think of yourself as a racist? Chances are no, That doesn’t mean you don’t have latent racism. Nicholas Kristof wrote a piece in the NY Times that really helps to explain it.

Rather, most of the votes that Mr. Obama actually loses belong to well-meaning whites who believe in racial equality and have no objection to electing a black person as president — yet who discriminate unconsciously.

The cure? Out yourself when you have a racist thought, even if it’s embarrassing. It helps I think to flush up those legacy thoughts that have been passed down from generation to generation, just like, “put a coat on or you’ll catch a cold!” Paying attention and breaking the habit – that does work.

Welcome back to Hawaii Barack Obama. I filmed this before I knew of your impending visit.

Hawaiian Word:
Lāhui: race of people
Heihei: contest

This conversation is continued over here, Are You Responsible for Your Subconscious?

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Beach Walk 489 – Divine Freedom

The title of this episode is also the title of a book by Dennis Allen, 20-year beach walker in Lanikai.

I finally met Dennis “formally” last week, and then my friend Pauline told me about his writing. Like many, he didn’t think he really had much to say on Beach Walks. But I reminded him how curious you are about those of us living in this place – Hawaii. We are like normal people everywhere else, shifted about five degrees in the direction of Aloha, remembering every day “lucky we live Hawaiʻi. I think you will like his story.

You can find Dennis’ book here.

Hawaiian Word:
Akua: divine
Kūʻokoʻa: freedom

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Beach Walk 488 – Competition and Consiousness

Fresh off a strenuous paddle in the outrigger canoe, I am thinking about the upside and pleasures of competition – how we merge our energies to paddle harder and go faster – and how much fun that is!

I was also fascinated watching the little kids (Shane’s family and Kaile) playing with me in the water the other day. I would ask, “Who wants to ride on the boogie board?” Someone would scream “I do!” – more to be first in line for attention, I thought, not so much about the boogie boarding. But then the others would immediately chime in – not wanting to be left out. Interesting how they supported each other in getting past the fear of being on the board out in the deeper water that way.

More talk about hard drive sizes, especially the expanding capacity of our conscious brains! And mahalo nui to Mindy of for the wonderful pink rash guard!

Hawaiian Word:
Huihui: mix, together

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Beach Walk 418 – No Need for Need

I was inspired by my friend Luci who is taking a hiatus from being “indispensable.” Want to join me in a 48-hour boycott of the word “need”?

We use that word so cavalierly, inadvertently pressuring ourselves and others. It actually has very limited applications. You’re invited to join me in abstaining from its use unless you are literally starving or freezing to death, or the like. See if you notice a difference in your brain and your body. See if it helps you lighten you up. See if life takes on less strain and more gain.

P.S. Sorry about the little QA issues in today’s show. We -need- want (!) to get those fixed ASAP.

Mahalo nui Kaimoku for our new song!

Hawaiian words
Nele: need
Makemake: want

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Beach Walk 210 – Facts or Feelings?

Can you tell whether someone is reporting facts or feelings? It still trips me up from time to time.

One of the things I like to do on Beach Walks is explore the mechanical underpinnings of life – so it is easier to spot trends and find fixes to those recurring irritants. Of course one of the most common problems we deal with is communication.

Secret Cameraman and I get into these tiffs where we start off talking about things as if they were factual. But in reality, we are expressing a feeling, a perspective, not a fact. Listen to the show to see exactly what I mean, and where consciousness comes into the conversation!

In the process, we recognize that reality is quite subjective.

Mentioned in today’s show:
Rabbit Bites (Turn down your speakers!)

Hawaiian words
Mea kūʻiʻo: fact
aʻau: feelings

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