Beach Walk 741 – Silence is Divine

I went on a 5-day silent intensive with Lola Jones a few weeks ago. For me it was pure heaven. I have in the past done 24 hours of silence on my birthday, and loved the clarity I experienced. To be able to ignore all others and go within myself for listening, for sharing, for counsel, was very powerful. There is a lot of noise, especially in my work on the social web (twitter, etc) And much as I love it, I was yearning to talk to the divine, to God directly. I can say that the moment we dropped into silence, having prepared for over 2 weeks, my mind came alive with conversation and insight, as if I were seeing my wise best friend after a very long absence.

Curiously enough, I still became quite close to the others on the retreat. We shared the energy of this experience – far more powerful than sharing words, which fail me so much of the time. There was more to this retreat that I will talk about later. For now, I offer up silence as a way to connect with your #1 – your large self, the divine you. And then you become such a gift to others.

Hawaiian word:
Hāmau: silence

Be in Touch!

Beach Walk 157 – Rox Theory of Connectivity

Awakening to the fact that we are all connected, all related.

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About Today’s Show

I read this morning in The Week that 8 out 10 people won’t turn off their cell phones even during sex. At first, you might think this is very neurotic. But it struck me that so many of us are very hungry to connect with each other. On some level, technology is giving us a much more potent way to do that, and people in general just can’t seem to get enough of it! Note to investors: anything that helps people connect with each other is a good bet.
I believe that we are truly are connected, on the spiritual level of things. Yet one of life’s many games is pretending how separate we are. My friend Shaina Noll sings a song by Susan McCullen, You Can Relax Now that shares this message so beautifully:

You had a dream
You misunderstood
You thought we were separate
But now you hear my voice and
You can relax now
C’mon and open your eyes
And breathe deeply now
I am with you.

There are sayings that have been around a long time, like “You hurt the ones you love the most.” What does that really mean? What if it meant that those closest to us are willing to bear witness to our explorations of self? What if we are as deeply connected to our enemies as we are to our loved ones, what does that say about the prospects for peace?

On the other hand, what if all the “superficial” sharing on MySpace and YouTube is really a joyful reawakening of our unity?

Hawaiian words
Hoʻomanaʻo: remember
Pili ʻana: connection

Be in Touch!