Beach Walk 147 – You are marvelous!

Hurry up! Got to get in the canoe.

About Today’s Show

So much of how I experience aloha is through the generosity of people. It gets expressed in so many ways, and one of them is generous people can be with compliments to others. I have found in my life that it not only feels good to give (and receive) compliments, but it is also quite efficient and effective for meeting many goals. When I steer the canoe, I like to catch us paddlers doing something right, and I find the wa’a moves faster across the water. Granted, I have plenty of moments at work/in life when I feel like shouting “moron!” at someone but really, that’s just the frustration of the #2 who can’t understand the whole picture.

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Who do you find generous with loving words of encouragement and compliment? My parents are high on my list these days. I find Robert Scoble is amazingly generous. Read this from his blog today: How about I do a feed for you? What would you like me to find for you?

Mahalo nui loa to my paddler friends for another great day on the water.

Hawaiian words
Manawaleʻa: generous
ʻŌlelo hoʻomaikaʻi: compliment

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