Beach Walk 637 – How to Complain

Complaining is very popular these days. Surprisingly, I am not altogether against it. It has a role to play in giving each other feedback on what’s not working. I think we are more effective though when we apply a little consciousness to the task, instead of unfettered reactions. There are some funny commercials on DirecTV, though the one I just saw complaining about the customers doesn’t appear to be posted just yet. I also blogged about messy customers too; “There is magic and millions in those messes.” Bonus: Sunrise footage.

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Hawaiian word:
Namunamu: complain

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Beach Walk 512 – The Mango Mess

I was sweeping the ever dropping mango leaves and bird poop on the lanai the other day, and feeling a bit cranky about it. Then I recalled that it is something I can’t change at the moment, at least not without cutting down the tree.

I love this big old tree – it’s energy is amazing and sitting in the corner of three converging houses, it does an amazing job of maintaining the space. When garden-variety complaining is not moving you back to understanding, try a One Minute Rant.

Mahalo to Justin who did a wonderful job editing in the pictures of the tree, taken over the past few years.

Hawaiian Word:
Manakō: mango

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