Beach Walk 634 – Blood or Soul

My friend Neenz (aka @infinitypro) took a new job that meant she left the family business for work in her new profession of choice: geeking out at

She compared the family business to being in her blood, while the tech stuff is in her soul. This started me thinking of a whole little grid:

They often represent opposites, though they certainly don’t have to. Listen up to hear how Neenz’ family is managing her transition.

Visit Neenz on the web and mahalo nui to Ryan Ozawa for his lovely photo of Neenz.

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Hawaiian word:
ʻOhana: family

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Beach Walk 603 OTR – Austin River Walk with Susan

I am in Austin for the SXSW Interactive conference, and one of the first highlights was the chance to meet Susan, who goes by the online handle of “Susan and my dog Lexie.”

I think of her as the guardian angel of The Reef, our Beach Walks online community. She is there to greet new members, with her lovely, positive and open-hearted energy wafting throughout. She manages the computer network for the art and design department at Texas State University, so she shares some of her insights into building a community with us.

Hawaiian word:
Wahi noho like o ka poʻe.: community

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Beach Walk 576 – Passion and Process with Carol Lin

Remember Carol? She was on Beach Walk 393 last year when we met at the BlogHer conference in New York.

A former CNN anchor, she is building a social network for cancer survivors and their families and care givers. She shares with us what this process has been like. Plus, one side benefit to the connections she has made as a result is revealed at the end of the episode! (Hint: Mike Dowling)

Hawaiian Word:
kaunu: passion

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Beach Walk 337 – Conch Connections

So many connections being made throughout Beach Walks. Check previous show comments for even more!

I met a Beach Walks viewer yesterday who lives in Michigan and is moving to Hawai’i, Tommy C. Beach Walks commenters are giving each other (and us!) handy tips and insights. Colin Devroe called in on the conch line. Based on that masthead photo on your site Colin, it does look cold where you are.

I just love all of this connecting!

Hawaiian words
Hoʻokuʻi: connect

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