Beach Walk 614 – Humanity on the Horizon

It was raining today and I didn’t sleep well this weekend, so rather than rough it in the elements, I chose to stay in and create a meditation for all of us.

Today’s episode is dedicated to Chris Brogan – you were in my heart tonight Chris. And by a strange coincidence, we were both Tweeting today at the same moment, about this article in the New York Times concerning the Web World of 24/7 Stress.

I love also that this music led me to the music of the Indigo Musicians. Their links are below.

Spa-Music to Relax ByIndigo Musicians
“Falling Leaves” (mp3)
from “Spa-Music to Relax By”

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Hawaiian word:
ʻIlikai: horizon

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Beach Walk 594 – Seeking the Simple

I was reading about the French trader who committed over $7 billion in fraud. People have discussed how to prevent this in the future.

Naturally many minds head towards complicated procedures, custom programming and tracking software and so forth, when actually, something as simple as a mandatory vacation away from the office can be a powerful intervention tool. I love it when very simple and human remedies can be found. I am going to give extra attention this week to seeking simple solutions.

Hawaiian Word:
Maʻalahi: simple

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Beach Walk 570 – One Kind Word

Winter hibernation today as Lexi is nursing a slightly over-used front left shoulder. Beautiful music by Liquid Mind.

Relax: A Liquid Mind ExperienceLiquid Mind
“Teach Me to Whisper” (mp3)
from “Relax: A Liquid Mind Experience”

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Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻoilo: winter

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Beach Walk 543 – The Universe is Working for us

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