Beach Walk 773 – The Currency of Happiness

What makes you happy? Is that an abstract thing that comes before or after you have money? Not only do we get to choose what makes us happy, I would say it is our duty to know, and then make it so!

Can you tell I am going for extreme brevity recently? I am conscious of the time-stress factor – heaven knows I have been grappling with that one for years! Now though, I realize that the energy can transmit as much or more than the actual words. So I intend to embed a quality of experience in these episodes, and to merely suggest a line of thought, a direction of feeling, so we can each carry it forward to the degree we wish. PLUS, we can have a more detailed discussion here or on Facebook!

Of course the silent messenger is that you must have money to have happiness. Or that you must choose between the two. Isn’t it crazy how we humans can concoct so many strong yet conflicting imperatives? To me, it is all just currency. The main point is to know what makes each of us happy! Because that is the energy that attracts all kinds of other good stuff to us, and generates all kinds of good outflows from us too. My friend Sylvia recently wrote a blog post, Happiness is Good for Your Website. She took a delightful and no-nonsense approach to the business basis for this, and the article itself literally bubbles over, for me, with the energy of happiness!

As I share the ever-developing “Beach Walks Philosophy,” one of the key goals is to unplug from so many old, rote beliefs that in fact rob us of being happy in the here and now of 2012. I lived under the shadow of that money is evil thing for decades until I realized everything simply has the energy I give it.

Hawaiian Word:
Hauʻoli: happy

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photo of Rox and Lexi on Beach Walk 773 - The Currency of Happiness

Beach Walk 699 – Add Options

Bottom line: when you have more options there can be less stress. The flip side is that it takes more time, more consciousness, more energy to discover and create the options And having way too many options can create its own form of stress at the other end of the spectrum. But for now, for today, this episode is about how a parent can give a child a few choices enabling then to be true to their inner quirky self without having to be an ungracious rebel. My friend Stacey is a master and I love watching her parent little Kaile.

Hawaiian Word:
Koho: choice

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Beach Walk 638 – To Make a Choice

Just about every weekend I have this dilemma at least one of the two mornings: get up early and do a bunch of things I want to do or stay in bed, read and “do nothing.” Both are very appealing, and I find myself going through all sorts of contortions trying to decide, then trying to be comfortable with my decision.

It dawned on me that this pressure associated with choice, often drives a range of forced rationalizing and attempted formulas, when in reality, it just doesn’t matter. No reasons required. Just be here now.

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Hawaiian word:
Koho: choice, to choose
Koho mua: first choice

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Beach Walk 254 – It’s All About Me (or You)

If things don’t appear to be working out well, it may be as much about me (or you) as it is “them.”

I was in a big bookstore last night, and couldn’t find a book to buy. As I was leaving, I realized the possible absurdity of that. Then, I thought of people on vacation in Hawaii, dealing with all this rain, perhaps thinking, “there’s nothing to do.”

I tie it all together in today’s show, giving you some insight into how my brain works when looking for consciousness.

And where there’s consciousness, there’s choice.

The book I just finished reading (mahalo Michael!) is Marley and Me

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Hawaiian words
Choice: koho

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Beach Walk 184 – A Luxury Sandwich

Back to walking and talking, today about the luxury of having choices.

h3. About Today’s Show

Thanks Jonathan in the UK for raising an interesting topic: the lack of motivation that we motivated people can experience when it comes to doing something for ourselves. I have come to realize that this is another challenge between the #1 and the #2. The #2 tends to frame even the smallest decisions into all or nothing, life or death scenarios. When really, most of the time we are facing a choice between two luxuries! It’s like a luxury sandwich — a lot of choice with some uncertainty in between.

Thinking of change and opportunity in this way really helps me shed fear (which tends to sap my motivating energy and enthusiasm), and be able to actually look more clearly at my options. I realized this again surfing in the six-person canoe this morning. There are so many waves! I can choose the ones I want to attempt to catch. And if I miss one, there are always more.

Hawaiian words
Koho: choice
Mea e hoʻohiwahiwa ai ka nohoʻana: luxury

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