Beach Walk 744 – USS Nimitz Steel Beach #1

Who knew after all my disco years dancing to the tune of “in the navy” I would be a DV (Distinguished Visitor) on a US Navy aircraft carrier? Who knew a former anti-war protester from UC Berkeley would be invited aboard a war ship, free to roam the ship unsupervised? Shane and I spent an overnight on the USS Nimitz – a 4.5 acre steel beach. We’ve got several episodes for you, as of course we couldn’t go alone! Part One is the getting there, via a COD flight with an arrested landing. This episode starts off with a briefing from Public Affairs Officer Theresa Donnelly; you can follow her (and her boxer!) on Twitter. I have to say it was especially cool having our arrival announced on Twitter too.

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Hawaiian word:
Mokulele: airplane, flying ship

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