Beach Walk 394 OTR – New Friends, New York

Leaving New York today, so here’s a short show from the airport. It’s a personal thank you to my New York friends.

I have always had wonderful trips to New York though the time passes far too quickly! The BlogHer Conference was very stimulating – being in the presence of so many engaged and smart people. Bill Cammack of has become a great friend and has truly earned an honorary Beach Walks cameraman award. We plan to post excerpts of my panel presentation on our Bare Feet Studios podcast. Then at the last possible moment, I made two new friends, Eric and LV who drove in from White Plains and then took me to Newark Airport! Life is good.

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Hawaiian words
Hou: new
Hoaloha: friend

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Beach Walk 393 OTR – A New Idea in Cancer Support

I’m at Day 2 BlogHer Business Conference in NYC talking with CNN Anchor Carol Lin about her new web project for cancer patients and their supporters.

Carol lost her husband to cancer and is developing a social networking web site to combine her extensive news background with her passion to contribute to the cancer community. On hiatus from the CNN anchor chair, she has immersed herself in the world of web technology, and shared with me a remarkable combination of warmth and drive, passion and intelligence.

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Hawaiian words
Kākoʻo: support

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Beach Walk 67 – Sunscreen & Skin Cancer: Hmmm

I am learning that something I thought was certain is not only far from it, but may prove to be the opposite of what I thought! Jeez, I don’t like this.

h3. About Today’s Show

Do you find it strange that skin cancer rates have increased significantly since the introduction of sunscreens? There was a class action lawsuit filed recently against several sunscreen manufacturers. I used to “know” that sunscreen prevents skin cancer and have used it by the boat load, being an active person who loves the outdoors and a person with many relatives who have had cancer.

But apparently I have been living with a false sense of security, perpetuated I believe by the chemical sunscreen industry. In a nutshell, sunscreen can prevent sunburn. But it cannot block out much of the UVA that causes DNA damage and is the likely culprit for the more serious kind of skin cancer. Yet used enough, it can block the body’s production of Vitamin D, which is helpful in preventing cancer! Chemical sunscreens also contain petroleum-based and other chemicals that may be cancer agents. I found one study that also showed these sunscreens increase the skin absorption of herbicides. Not a pretty picture for farm workers or serious gardeners.

I am in a bit of shock as I thought this was a “done deal.” Using a physical sun block, also called inorganic, appears to be aok as it reflects the sun off the skin, as compared to chemical or organic sunscreen that absorbs the sun rays, producing this little chemical soup on/in your skin. Zinc oxide is my new plan.

If you used sunscreen and got skin cancer, you can join the lawsuit here.

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Hawaiian words
Kahikole: early morning sun

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