Beach Walk 441 – Screwups, Cleanups

I had a real screw-up with a client today. All was not lost though. These things happen, so I simply cleaned it up so the client would actually be glad about goof!


Hawaiian Word:
Hewa: mistake

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Beach Walk 389 OTR – Santa Cruzin’

The siren call of the sea was irresistible for me today; off to Santa Cruz for a late afternoon walk.

My bizzy schedule had me a bit tired and confused this morning. It occurs to me that “business” is a form of making things appear to be very “important” so we keep bizzy holding it all together. That pressure can be very invigorating; it can also be counter-productive when fatigue or confusion are present.

When the latter happens, I often use EFT. Come back tomorrow for more info on that and a demonstration. You can also read another review here.

Note to my California friends:
Sorry to have missed you this trip. I had very little down time and hope you’ll understand.

Hawaiian words
Nui: important

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Beach Walk 326 – Minding My Kuleana

Hawaiian word for the day: kuleana. I try to focus on mine, instead of everyone else’s.

Our nice HD camera is still in the shop so we are using the old standby. It really doesn’t like it when we shoot in the late afternoon when the clouds have rolled in and the light is low.

Today’s word is kuleana. It means concern, right, privilege, business, responsibility. We use it conversationally when talking about other people minding their own kuleana,, or “ainokea” – it’s not my kuleana.

I find when we start caring a lot about something or someone, it’s easy to start paying attention to other people’s kuleana. And when there is overlap, it gets even trickier. Some candid and courteous conversation can be the cure though.

Doctor Trey decided to Digg this episode. You can Digg it too here.

Hawaiian words
Kuleana: concern, right, business, responsibility

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Beach Walk 273 – Slow Learner

OK. So I am a slow learner. Seems a lot of others who watch BW know how to put themselves first. (See the poll results.)

It really helps me hear from you all how you are managing your lives. Here’s my typical scenario: I try to exercise in the AM, otherwise there is a very good chance I won’t get to it. (Lexi is a big nudge in the morning too!) Then I come back and hit the desk. Where I stay until dinner, and to which I usually return after dinner. Life in paradise eh?


Hawaiian words
Lohi: slow
Haumana: student

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Beach Walk 272 – I’d Rather Be Surfing

You’ll have to watch the entire show to understand the title.

Thanks for all the great comments on yesterday’s show. BTW, with Secret Cameraman’s help, we got the poll working. He’s moved from the “I’d rather be dead” phase of the flu, to just plain miserable and minimally functional. Mahalo for all your kind wishes.

The tricky part for me is making the decision, “in the moment,” as to who comes first, me or job. I want to be able to put myself first (à la “in the event of a loss of cabin pressure”) and I don’t want that to be at the expense of my clients, but actually in service to them. That takes some mind-bending in the typical work situation. It’s so automatic to suffer now in hopes of a better tomorrow.

Hawaiian words
Mua: first
Hana: job, work

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