Beach Walk 185 – Bridging with Brittany

Two babes bridging the blogosphere from Boston to Honolulu.

h3. About Today’s Show

Something new and different today as I talk with my friend Brittany who is in Boston while Lexi and I are at the beach in Hawaii. I met B online, as a fellow videoblogher. We then met in person at Vloggercon. So the natural progression was to make a video together!

Brittany made a really interesting point: many people feel they know her from watching a few of her videos, yet in reality, they really only show a very teeny part of her and her life. It’s such human nature to take a glimpse of someone, then fill in the missing parts out of our own personal experience! All too often, we are mistaken.

You can visit Brittany here:
Shooting Full Force
Modern Feminist

Hawaiian words
Uapo: bridge
ʻŌlelo: talk

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