Beach Walk 533 – Just Breathe

Seems simple right?

It is, just not always easy, especially as we approach the “season of annoyance” as one of my friends calls it, otherwise known as the “holidays.” Breathing is actually one of the most powerful tools I have found for managing stress – it can be done anywhere and the research on its physiological and psychological benefits is quite amazing IMO.

Hawaiian Word:
Hanu: breathe

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Beach Walk 283 – Breathe

Here is a Beach Walks Moment, a Monday meditation with poetry submitted by my yoga teacher, Frank D’Angelo.

This darn thing I have, flu, sore throat, whatever it is, is lingering. And by grace, my dear friend Frank sent me this poem today. I thought this would be a lovely way for all of us to start the week. Update: He found it here.

Secret Cameraman and I have also been imagining variations on our show format that give us some breathing room. So this seems to be a perfect synchronicity! We hope you enjoy it.

Hawaiian words
Hanu: breathe

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Beach Walk 8 – Metrosexual Special

E komo mai and welcome to show number 8 of Beach Walks with Rox.

We’re spreading “da aloha” today with not one but two metrosexual tips for the podfather, Adam Curry over at the Daily Source Code.

About Today’s Show:

For those of you new to podcasting (audio or video) Adam Curry s a former MTV DJ who has become known as the “podfather.” He does a great 45-60 minute show M-F and is information central for the podcasting community. He’s also very entertaining. One of his regular features is the “Metrosexual Moment” where he and his listeners offer up cool ways for guys to be, well, less like a guy and more like a metrosexual.

It started with Senseo. Which my camera man has been enjoying for well over a year now. It makes a great cup of joe, but man oh man, it takes a toll on the mouth!

We suggested Adam go in this new direction of ever-relevant grooming tip: better breath. Check out my Ayurvedic-style tongue scraper and Body Mint, a chlorophyll-based supplement that freshens you all over from the inside out.

P.S. To the lovely people who have been calling the Conch: Lexi and I love hearing from you! (Mahalos to Steve, Jersey, Nathan, Scott, Barbara, Matt, Stacey…all the way from Japan to the UK!)

Hawaiian words
hā: to breathe
kope: coffee

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