Beach Walk 262 OTR – Rox Travel Tips #3

Short notice change of plans and despite flying most of yesterday, I am back on a plane today wearing my Bose head phones.

I left NYC yesterday for Santa Fe. but my mom fell and broke her wrist, and is in position for some assistance. Since I am relatively close (aka, “on the mainland” and not in Hawaii) I decided to come help out. My dad says he is losing a little too much weight. 🙂 My mom would appreciate a little prayer for her fast healing to those of you who are inclined.

I love these head phones, and I guess you could say this episode approaches an infomercial. Except I am not getting paid, nor am I selling. I forgot to mention this downside too: they are not good on those rare occasions when I have a row to myself and can actually lay down and snooze.

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