Beach Walk 254 – It’s All About Me (or You)

If things don’t appear to be working out well, it may be as much about me (or you) as it is “them.”

I was in a big bookstore last night, and couldn’t find a book to buy. As I was leaving, I realized the possible absurdity of that. Then, I thought of people on vacation in Hawaii, dealing with all this rain, perhaps thinking, “there’s nothing to do.”

I tie it all together in today’s show, giving you some insight into how my brain works when looking for consciousness.

And where there’s consciousness, there’s choice.

The book I just finished reading (mahalo Michael!) is Marley and Me

We’re on Akimbo! That is a service that lets you download selected programs from the internet and watch it on your TV. Beach Walks is one of only 8 video podcasts to be accepted!

Hawaiian words
Choice: koho

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