Beach Walks presents the Winnies from Afar

Last year it was the Vloggies and we won three awards and life was good.

Then people got fired and confusion reigned and Irina Slutsky (her real name, she is a Russian hottie) decided to hold a completely non-traditional awards ceremony. Each person who signed up to attend the live event in LA was assigned another media creator, to review and present an award to. Totally “peer to peer.” Some of us who were not attending in person decided to create the Winnies from Afar – and here you have it! I hate to miss a good party.

Please enjoy, find some new internet tv shows to watch and know that people can celebrate for themselves without requiring some authority on high to dole out the designations. :-) This is frivolous fun, hopefully you will go explore some of these sites so this won’t seem like an insider’s partee.

In no particular order:
Synchronis Kathryn Jones
Movies in Mexico Dennis Poulette
MissBHavens missbhavens
Vergel Evans Vergel Evans
Insane Films Madge Weinstein
Beach Walks with Rox Rox, Shane, and Lexi
As the World Spunks Tim Metz
Greentime Rhett Aultman and Amy Hale
Jonny Goldstein Show Jonny Goldstein
Jackson West Jackson West
Luck of Seven Noel Hidalgo (Check out BW 521)
Gardenfork Eric Rochow
Blogumentary Chuck Olsen
Ben Gold Ben Gold

P.S. These folks are passionate about their art. :-)

Hawaiian Word:
Kauna: passion

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