Beach Walk 182 – Blanche’s Birthday!

Celebrating my mom’s birthday! Wanna guess her age?

h3. About Today’s Show

I filmed most of this show last June when I was visiting my parents in Michigan. I’ve been saving it up for this special day. One of the biggest thrills in my life right now is how much my mom and dad are enjoying Beach Walks! I was the troubled kid, the one who wasn’t living up to others’ expectations, the one who did the wacky things. Now, my mom calls several times a week with (really good!) show tips and ideas. If you were ever a troubled teen who begged to go away to boarding school to get out of the house, you can imagine what a lovely turn of events this is!

Show highlights: Blanche’s hole in one; petting a cougar, fashionista highlights.

“Happy Birthday” is by Craymo and can be found on the Podsafe Music Network.

Hawaiian words
Hauʻoli lā hānau: Happy Birthday!

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