Beach Walk 663 – Kuleana Counts

One of my favorite Hawaiian words is kuleana.

I love the sound of it and I love the meaning of it. It basically means to take care of your “business.” It seems so instinctual to blame others for our problems, but really, there is little hope in that! Much easier to pick up the pieces and to change ourselves than to wait around for others to make us happy. That’s not to say you can’t hold others accountable; indeed that’s appropriate. I am talking about the knee-jerk blame response – let’s unplug from that old one.

Hawaiian word:
Kuleana: responsibility, business

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Beach Walk 620 – The Doron & Susan Show

I am in San Francisco this week at the ad:tech show meeting some fabulously interesting and forward-thinking people.

I grabbed this episode on my portable Sanyo Xacti just before the awards ceremony began. Doron Wesly has a heart of gold and Susan Bratton shares an amazing accomplishment; both have some inspiring words to share with us. If you’re interested in the topic of plastic water bottles, check out Beach Walk 495.

Hawaiian word:
Ä€hewa: blame

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Beach Walk 582 – Making Mistakes

I read this article in the Wall Street Journal about certain personalities who always look to blame others, and cannot seemingly admit to making mistakes themselves.

Some of you probably have more experience with this than I do, though I myself used to be quick to blame others too. The article said these no-fault types would often surround themselves with perfectionists, who can apparently take blame more easily in the event that something does not turn out perfectly. As a recovering perfectionist though, I can say that trait made it hard for me to admit fault! After all, I was trying much harder than everyone else, attending to details no one else would see, etc.

Bottom line, though that is being able to admit fault when appropriate, keeping things moving quickly and definitely helps me enjoy more, whatever I am doing. I definitely find it gets easier with age; life has a way of being the ultimate finger pointer, and most often says, “Give it up – nobody’s perfect, admit your part and let’s move on.”

Hawaiian Word:
Hewa: mistake

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