Beach Walk 555 – Lexi’s Limo Buys Carbon Offsets

By a curious coincidence, Santa came a day early, and the very day after Shane and I watched, Who Killed the Electric Car on DVD last night!

Lexi now has her very own limo, and I no longer have to decide between driving around town to do errands (with Lexi’s fine company) or using my bicycle and dealing with Lexi’s major moping mood at being left at home.

Plus! We will be offsetting about 6 lbs of carbon offset for each little trip to the beach! This definitely feels good, and so do those calories I am going to be burning in my neglected thighs, which hopefully won’t be producing too much CO2 either. :-) And in case you are worrying about the calories required to fuel these bike rides, both Lexi and I stay away from McDonald’s as a matter of habit.

Hawaiian Word:
Mele kalikimaka: Merry Christmas

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