Beach Walk 100 – Lexi Talks

Interview with Lexi for our 100th show! This ain’t no CGI!

h3. About Today’s Show

Numbers are a funny thing. They can simultaneously mean a lot and very little. Yes, they are fun milestones that can be used to track or measure progress on a path. But you know — today is just another day, just like yesterday and presumably like tomorrow. So I like to use the numbers for fun, not pressure.

Lexi has certainly developed a screen presence over the months. Plus she is as demanding as ever to go to the beach every day! I do believe she is enjoying the Beach Walks very much. Thank you for all the love and support you give her.

Do you recognize the questions? Learn more from Inside the Actors Studio: Bernard Pivot Questionnaire.

Hawaiian words
ʻĪlio: dog
Lani: heaven
Hanele: 100

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