Beach Walk 212 – Memory storage

Teaching and learning intersect nicely with a wedding party on Lanikai Beach.

I decided to do another show on the topic from yesterday, but I barely got into it when I encountered some wise women just returning to shore from a sunrise wedding out on the Mokulua Islands. Yes, it is magical walking the beach…the new people I meet. And having Beach Walks gives me a reason to talk to them and share the experience with you.

“We teach what we want to learn” takes the pressure off of having to be a perfect teacher on the one hand and also recognizing that teaching is a great way to learn things! (I learned this from Jack Canfield 15 years ago.) My #2 used to think I had to be a know-it-all before I was allowed to hold myself out as a teacher. Silly little girl.

I learned today that the Hawaiians think of the naÊ»au (gut) more than the heart as the seat of feelings and the women I met also mentioned their perspective on bellies and memory storage. Watch and then tell me where you store your memories or what’s in your gut today?

Aloha nui loa to Paʻa and Chad for a happy marriage together!

Hawaiian words
ʻŌpū: belly
IkehuMale ʻana: wedding
Naʻau: guts; mind, heart, affections; of the heart or mind

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Beach Walk 91 – Free Your Tummy!

I met a few bikini babes from Seattle on the beach today, so I continue making the case to wear a bikini!

h3. About Today’s Show

Invented in 1946 and popularized in the 60’s, I was an early adopter in my conservative South Carolina crowd! I love ’em so much, I cannot imagine giving them up, just for the sake of age or belly rolls. I am amazed really at my female friends who can give them up.

My two guests today had several good reasons why they wear bikinis, and one woman freely shared her age: 55. The boomers are definitely not going down easy.

Hawaiian words
Hakualo: belly

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