Beach Walk 654 – I Don’t Believe in Karma

A new social web application I’ve been playing with called Plurk has a feature called karma points. You earn points by inviting people to join, posting messages, etc. In other words, you earn good karma by promoting their service. I find it irritating, and was discussing this with David Beaudoin, and such was the inspiration for this episode. I find karma to be a concept that mis-places blame where none is due, induces guilt when consciousness is more useful, and confuses genuine feedback aka cause and effect from any given situation with shoulds and should nots. What do you think about karma?

Otherwise, Plurk has some nice features, including a graphical timeline and threaded conversations.

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Hawaiian word:
Kumu: cause
Hopena: effect

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Beach Walk 541 – Myth of Passion

I can’t remember what triggered this episode, but I do get tired of the same “find your passion” message.

It’s often issued by people who (a) have a lot of passion and think that everyone else should too or (b) people looking for their own passion, hoping it holds out some form of happiness.

If we are to really let it be true that people exist along infinite points on any topic or spectrum, then surely there are many who are most at home at every point between passion and lethargy. My sweet spots varies by day, by task, by all kinds of things – many of which are unpredictable. To find happiness that doesn’t require passion or the pressure to be passionate, that is my goal.

Hawaiian Word:
Kauna: passion

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Beach Walk 432 – Flexible Dogma

Jen at Ebb and Flow sent me a link to a video interview with Ken Wilber where he mentioned the concept of flexible dogma. I think that is a critical tool for being happy and avoiding stress.

Beliefs and dogma are here to support us, not be a whipping stick when you can’t fulfill your normal requirements. Today’s episode was at Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu.
Ken Wilber

Hawaiian words
Manaʻo: beliefs
Ikaika: strong

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