Beach Walk 706 – New and Old

New and old are such loaded words – they can be used to manipulate our feelings if we are not paying attention. Like most things, I think it is case-specific. New is not always improved nor does the new necessarily invalidate the old.

Hawaiian Word:
Kahiko: old
Hou: new
ʻAno hou: new-fashioned

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Beach Walk 700 – Unite and Go Forward

Pupukahi i holomua
Translation: “Unite to move forward.”

We celebrate 700 episodes together with you. A hui hou.

— Hawaiian Proverb gathered by Mary Kawena Pukui
“By working together we make progress. This saying would be especially applicable to the Hawaiians on their canoes where each paddler would have to pull the paddles together on command in order to make the canoe move forward quickly forward.”

Hawaiian Word:
Holomua: movement, progress
Pupikahi: United, as in harmonious co-operation

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Beach Walk 669 – Bikini Madness!

Seems every year or so I get in the mood for a bikini show. You realize here in Hawaii they are common – on all ages and all sizes. But reading about this research in Belgium and by Carnegie Mellon, I realize they are a hot topic for the study of neuroeconomics. Bottom line: men get stupid in front of bikini-wearing women, and spend more money on things they don’t necessarily want. One way to break that is to desensitize, to present bikinis in normal context (not the usual seductive poses.) Helen Mirren is a role model for many and at 62 still wears a bikini.

And to the women who won’t wear one? Other side of same coin! Who cares how you look? Swimming and sunning with a bare tummy sure feels awful nice. 20 years ago, when I arguably had a much “better” body, I would not have filmed this. Today, who cares?

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Beach Walk 149 – Free 2 B U and Me

Hawaiian word:
Loli: change

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Beach Walk 640 – A Question of Companionship

I read what was a tabloid review of comments Oprah allegedly made to Jennifer Aniston. “Get a dog and stop thinking about getting a man.” Well, Lexi and I would like to vouch for the tremendous canine companionship benefits, but even more so, being able to take one’s mind off of a non-problem (“getting a man”) is a quite thing we can all practice!

Hawaiian word:
ʻĪlio: dog

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