Beach Walk 318 – Death in the Distance

Two people in my circle of friends died this past week. Despite my spiritual belief that we will be together again, the loss is still painful for those who loved these two people.

My intention on this show is to “spread a little aloha” so I am faced on a day like today with doing just that while “keeping it real.” Too much positivity gets construed as insensitivity, and that I do not intend.

from a distance, death is a natural and predictable part of life. Up close, it can be very painful, and for that, I open my heart.

Hawaiian words
Make: death
Mamao: distance

Be in Touch!

Beach Walk 317 – Routine in the Flow

Ze Frank inspired me today; maneuvering between being in the flow with keeping a routine.

I find having routines for some things to be very helpful – exercise for one. I often don’t feel like it, but I know I always feel better afterwords. So having a routine comes in handy.

But as Ze talked about in his show baseline on December 19, 2006, energy is more of a wave than a straight line. Today I came to swim, but it was really rough water so I opted out and did some extra house work! Notice how several feet of beach was carved away by last night’s storm.

Hawaiian words
Kahe: flow
Moʻokiʻina: routine

Be in Touch!