Beach Walk 112 OTR – So Many Possibilities

I’m in Santa Fe, New Mexico this week, so no doubt the high altitude and edgy thinking will have an influence on me.

About Today’s Show

Santa Fe is a long time favorite of artists (Georgia O’Keefe) and New Mexico lays claim to the highest number of PhD’s per capita. Most of them are concentrated at the three defense labs, Los Alamos (birthplace of the atomic bomb), Sandia, and White Sands. Nature likes balance though so there is also a plethora of new age thinkers and urban refugees along with a mix of white, Hispanic, and Indian cultures.

Visit Artsy to learn more about Georgia O’Keefe.

It is also home to the Santa Fe Institute which “is devoted to creating a new kind of scientific research community, one emphasizing multidisciplinary collaboration in pursuit of understanding the common themes that arise in natural, artificial, and social systems.” I like to attend their public lectures, though I must admit sometimes the scientists can get quite attached to their theses and less interested in my “what if” dialogs. I like to sit in the front and ask questions, looking for signs of spiritual awakenings.

I referenced one lecture by the economic engineer/modeler John Padgett, University of Chicago (p13) in the show, as I was fascinated by his research showing these mathematical trends toward increasing autonomy. It supports what Eric Rice and I were talking about at Vloggercon re: the brouhaha over net neutrality. New forms will keep showing up when/if people are repressed.

If your brain is not yet full, you can read this interview with John Padgett (p 17)

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Manawa: opportunity

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