Beach Walk 301 – Room for Everyone

Philip called in to talk about old media honing in on the space created by new media. I try to gather a few thoughts while chasing after two dogs and seeing friends with puppies!

First! Mahalo nui loa for all of the comments, private emails, and calls regarding our 300th show! You all are the best!! And I will be responding over the weekend.

As for old media and new media. Yes, they are moving into the videoblog/podcast space with vigor. But I think there is room for all of us, and you get to vote with your time and attention.

It’s very much like the #2 to frame these kinds of situations as “either/or” “them or us.” I am betting on them and us!

We’re caring for BrentDog for a week. Isn’t that a great shot of him? We’re keeping him up late and feeding him treats; we’re gonna be in the doghouse when his parents come home!

Hawaiian words
Nā kānaka apau loa: all the people

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