Beach Walk 338 – Aloha Out to Sea

We took the canoes and kayaks and left the land today. It’s an underwater Beach Walks Moment for you.

This water is my favorite color.

Aloha is one of my favorite words.

Aloha spirit is what brings us together.

Hawaiian words
Alo: share, share an experience
Oha: show joyous affection
Ha: breath, life energy

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Beach Walk 112 OTR – So Many Possibilities

I’m in Santa Fe, New Mexico this week, so no doubt the high altitude and edgy thinking will have an influence on me.

About Today’s Show

Santa Fe is a long time favorite of artists (Georgia O’Keefe) and New Mexico lays claim to the highest number of PhD’s per capita. Most of them are concentrated at the three defense labs, Los Alamos (birthplace of the atomic bomb), Sandia, and White Sands. Nature likes balance though so there is also a plethora of new age thinkers and urban refugees along with a mix of white, Hispanic, and Indian cultures.

Visit Artsy to learn more about Georgia O’Keefe.

It is also home to the Santa Fe Institute which “is devoted to creating a new kind of scientific research community, one emphasizing multidisciplinary collaboration in pursuit of understanding the common themes that arise in natural, artificial, and social systems.” I like to attend their public lectures, though I must admit sometimes the scientists can get quite attached to their theses and less interested in my “what if” dialogs. I like to sit in the front and ask questions, looking for signs of spiritual awakenings.

I referenced one lecture by the economic engineer/modeler John Padgett, University of Chicago (p13) in the show, as I was fascinated by his research showing these mathematical trends toward increasing autonomy. It supports what Eric Rice and I were talking about at Vloggercon re: the brouhaha over net neutrality. New forms will keep showing up when/if people are repressed.

If your brain is not yet full, you can read this interview with John Padgett (p 17)

Hawaiian words
Manawa: opportunity

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Beach Walk 111 OTR – Dreaming of a Balance of Power

It’s one thing to talk about peer-to-peer file sharing, and yet another to start balancing the power between content producers and the advertisers who have traditionally paid for the content delivery, or between consumers and the utilities who control access to the internet.

h3. About Today’s Show

One thing I have gotten loud and clear at the VLoggercon conference is how so many people have come to despise mainstream media and large corporations – both the advertisers who have underwritten the cost of so much media as well as the telcos and cable companies upon whom we depend for our connections to the internet.

Power is shifting now that you and I can create our own shows and tell our own stories. There are free places to host this content, and though the tech barrier is still high for a non-geek, it is at least possible to create and deliver a program for little money. People are seriously concerned that the internet could be taken away from us by the corporate machine.

While I believe the fears are founded based on historical actions, I believe also that technology has become such a liberating force that we will not be able to go backwards. So no matter what laws might get passed, there will be smart geeks who will figure out a way around them. And no matter how certain people may want to silence our voices, our ability to communicate with each other can not be stopped at this point. The box has been opened and I’m not crawling back in!

Hawaiian words
Mana: power
Hoʻokaulike: to balance evenly

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Beach Walk 110 – Light Shines on Scoble

Popular blogger and Microsoft tech evangelist Robert Scoble tells us his favorite beach and what he likes about the edge.

h3. About Today’s Show

Beach Walks continues its road tour in San Francisco at the Vloggercon conference. Today I have a chat with Robert Scoble, author of Naked Conversations. If you’re a techie, he needs no introduction. For the rest of you, he is a very well-known blogger and tech evangelist within Microsoft. He’s taken up vlogging, and loves how it creates an opportunity to shine a light on issues and people that otherwise might fall by the wayside.

I asked him about one of my beach metaphors, that place where the known world and the unknown world meet. He has a long history of being at the front of major changes, starting with interactions with Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple Computer. This interview with Scoble demonstrates how easy it is to get know someone via video blogging. A written blog is so easily misinterpreted, as words pack so many and varied innuendos. But wow, a live, on camera, unedited discussion–now that’s real!

Update: In case you couldn’t tell by the title or the hint in the show followed by my, “Do you want us to cut that out?” this was recorded the day before Robert’s official announcement to leave Microsoft. Respect for privacy comes before journalism here at Beach Walks. 🙂

Hawaiian words
Ao: light, illumination

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Beach Walk 109 – Ebb and Flow

Learn about inner peace and outer action with Jen of

h3. About Today’s Show

Today I met my new friend Jen of We discovered each other online, and met in person at Crissy Field near the Golden Gate Bridge. Jen and her husband Kent practice engaged Buddhism, and are committed to using the Internet to bring more peace to the world.

Mahalo for your patience receiving this show. The problem last night was the internet connection at our hotel. Technology is temperamental while traveling!

Hawaiian words
Maluhia: peace

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