Beach Walk 239 – Home Is Where The Heat Is

Some say ‘Home is where the heart is.’ I say, ‘Home is where the heat and humidity is.’

I’ve realized thus for some time: certain climates are much more physiologically stressful to me than others. Being a largely Vata body type, dryness and cold are hard for me, whereas warm, humid environments are very soothing. Although I love the beauty and my long time friends in New Mexico, I find the climate creates a constant hum of stress on me, especially spring and fall when the juniper and chamisa allergies are rampant!

Back here is Hawai’i, I relax. Left to the #2, I should “never” go to NM, and if I “have to” then I should be miserable. Mind you. the sneezing and the itchy eyes and runny nose was no fun, but certainly manageable given my chosen reasons for being there. I think it is really useful to understand how environment or food can create physiological stress, as this helps me deal with it consciously, rather than being at effect of it.

Hawaiian words
Wela: heat

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