Beach Walk 270 – Airborne Aloha

I flew home on United Airlines; the aloha was pretty thin up at 35,000 feet.

United used to have a wonderful flight to Hawai’i. The flight attendants wore flowers in their hair and leis, the outfits were Hawaiian-style, and the energy in the plane said, “aloha” and ainokea – with smiles and laughter all the way over the sea.

Not any more. Some finance person made the decision to cut back for austerity very likely. But it made the trip so memorable for “all the wrong” reasons. Hawaiian Airlines (and I think Aloha Airlines too) still make a nice fuss over you coming here to the “belly button” of the world, as Ted Tagami calls it.

In any case, I am so happy to be home and swimming in the sea again. Toss your troubles my way and I’ll spread on the water. Though while I was out doing that this early evening, Secret Cameraman waved me in as he saw one of those gray fins in the water nearby! Bless the man, they do eat just about anything….

Hawaiian words
Manō: shark
Kai: sea, ocean

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