Beach Walk 619 – The Power in Acceptance

It was raining when we left the house this morning, but at the beach it was sunshining.

I realized that the rain irritates me on days when I want to go to the beach and film Beach Walks – it becomes very difficult because of the camera and the gear. As it turns out, the only thing I had to deal with was my resistance to accepting the cycle of the rain. Then I had this “aha” moment – that by accepting what is I don’t lose power, but rather I gain it. It seems wimpy to accept instead of fighting back. But really – how do I fight back with the weather?? I suppose I could be a mad scientist devoted to manipulating nature, but really, I am more interested in learning how to bloom where I am planted, to be creative in the midst of limitations, to be powerful in the moment of accepting what is.

Say hi to visitors from Arkansas! The Dad was born in Kailua. 🙂

Hawaiian word:
Ua: rain
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