Beach Walk 622 – The Sweetness of Sleep

Sleep. Sleep is the nectar of the week! Get some if you can.

I watched an episode of Sixty Minutes explaining how interrupted or insufficient sleep can lead to premature aging. Many people have been making fun of the death by blogging article in the NY Times but the underlying story included people who feel the need to be up 24/7 (internet time) to stay at the top of their game.

Hawaiian word:
Hiamoe: sleep
Hiamoe iki: nap

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Beach Walk 539 – Brain Moves

Normal thinking would suggest that doing mental activities like sudoku or playing computer games would be good for the brain.

But research actually shows that physical exercise has more positive impact on mental functioning, even reducing risks of dementia! It’s one of those counter intuitive realities that I just love tripping across.

Hawaiian Word:
Lolo: brain

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