Beach Walk 648 – Personality Preferred

I am reading a friend’s new book, Personality Not Included by Rohit Bhagarva. He works for Ogilvy, a large advertising and PR company, and when it comes to new media, he gets it. I met him at the Vloggercon conference two years ago. I realized this morning that all this talk I do on Beach Walks about being our oddball, unique selves, applies to companies too. Small companies and large companies alike think they have to play by last century’s rule book (be boring; don’t offend) – but that’s not true!

If you act fast, you can join the conversation between Rohit and Jonny Goldstein on Jonny’s Par-Tay, a live internet video show on Wednesday, June 4th.

Hawaiian word:
KÅ«lana o ke kanaka: personality, status

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Beach Walk 347 – Mahalo for your kokua

We are approaching our one year anniversary and hope you will help us locate some show sponsors.

If you’ve ever been to Hawai’i, you’ve seen and heard, “Mahalo for your kokua.” It means thank you for your help.

Hawaiian words
Kokua : help
Mahalo: thank you

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Beach Walk 240 – False Advertising!

Hawaii is so beautiful and diverse. Why do companies stretch the truth beyond this amazing reality?

I saw a picture in a magazine promoting a hotel group, using our local beach as the setting. One problem: there are NO hotels in our community. Join me as I talk about false advertising and the apparent greed of some property developers. (Caveat: I find this sort of greed very unattractive.)

Hawaiian words
ʻĀlunu: greed

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