Beach Walk 632 – Island Adventure

Beauty Alert!!!

We had friends visiting and borrowed the Foti family canoe, the Waʻa Lele, and paddled out the Mokulua Islands. The sunshine and the water and the colors are just beautiful! Dan Brown brought his HERO camera rig for the canoe, Mindy Clark of steered us, and friends Jeff and Carlos (you met them in Episode 369 along with Stacey (Episode 296) and Kaile (Episode 572, and I had a great trip. Secret Cameraman and Lexi rounded out the beach crew.

FWIW, Shane (Episode 445 The Secret) spent 10 hours editing this episode. We have fabulous music from Cubworld – who will be on the show in a couple of weeks! Please go buy his music here.

Please welcome and check out our show sponsor, Primo Water. Primo Water is a new, environmentally-friendly water bottled in a natural plastic made from plants, a renewable resource grown on American soil.

Hawaiian word:
Moku: island
Lua: two

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Beach Walk 448 – Adventurous Animals

Yesterday’s show comments got me thinking about animals and adventure.

I think there is a difference between causing intentional harm and the injuries that result from living life on the edge of adventure. It’s a very personal choice, and when it comes to animals whom we care-take, there is thoughtfulness to be considered. It’s another example of how I like to look at the whole spectrum of an issue, gather data, and then decide what makes sense to me. Tell me, what of this episode makes sense to you?

P.S. This topic inadvertently drifted over to a “fathers are cool” theme, just in time for Father’s Day in the USA this Sunday. For a good time, go to flickr and search for “dad” and you’ll find all kinds of neat stuff.

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Hawaiian Word:
Hana hoʻopīhoihoi: adventure

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