Beach Walk 300 – Another Milestone

Milestones are wonderful gathering points for energy but they can also bring unwanted pressure when the resources to make a happy fuss just aren’t there.

Today was a beautifully perfect day on the beach. We took two six-person outrigger canoes to Flat Island to ride the waves from the hot south swell that was in town, and were literally screaming with joy and excitement! In many ways, this was a great way to celebrate turning “300” although I was feeling some pressure to put on a big shebang in honor of the number!

One of the fundamentals of Beach Walks is that it has to work for me. In that way, I will be able to deliver something clean and clear for you. Whenever I (or my #2 little voices) start to nudge me towards thinking I have to put on the song and pony show for you, the energy gets squishy.

At the same time, I love doing this show, and we are constantly coming up with new ideas for fun stuff. In 2007 I hope to come up with more time!

Thanks for hanging in here with us, whether you are new or old to the show. I appreciate each of you. Now go tell some friends!

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