Beach Walk 221 OTR – Tyler Lucky 13

Join me on a late night adventure with a group of 13-year olds, updating an old tradition among friends.

For those of you who are new here, I usually walk the beach with my dog Lexi in Hawai’i. But I am on the road traveling for my job, so you get to come along with me! I like to think of Beach Walks as much as an attitude as a place. A place where we explore the edges of the known world, and think differently.

In my youth, “tp’ing” a friend’s house was definitely kept secret from the parents. Nowadays, it’s a little different. My parents (over 80) have been covered twice in the past six months and no one has a clue as to who or why. But they’ve laughed about it each time.

In this show, Mom drove and set the rules: a limit on the number of rolls and it must be a friend you like. We don’t often to get see this in action, so hope you enjoy… And is there anyone who hasn’t been at the receiving end of a few rolls of toilet paper? If so, please LMK!

Hawaiian words
Hauʻoli lā hānau: Happy Birthday
Keiki kāne: boy

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