Our Wonderful Viewers

Lexi and I really appreciate all of you who are joining us on a daily beach walk. We love being able to share this little piece of our world with you. We’d love to hear from you.

h3. Here is what a few others have said:

Enjoyed this episode even though you say it’s a rerun. It was all new to me. And the message is still fresh. Thank you for all the hard work you put into the podcasts. I enjoy each and every one of them. You give me a smile every time I see there’s a new episode. And there is just something about the way you talk which makes me happy. Again thank you.

if i visited i just know i wouldn’t want to leave,,,at least there’s your beachwalk lifeline casted to the everyday issues that affect all of us,,,but with the added panache of your unique delivery…i feel honoured to be welcomed in the canoe…very best wishes to you.
– aloha, ki : )

“it’s amazing how the topics you talk about correlate into everyone else’s lives, how the same subject can reflect on someone else in so many different ways. it’s like poetry, everyone takes away something different from the same poem.”
– Lana Petty

OH MY GOSH! What a totally, totally, AWESOME vodcast, Rox!!!!! Your video really lifted my spirits. Thank you and SCM and Lexie for your wonderful shows each day. I wouldn’t miss a day without them.
– Nancy in NY

“Beach Walks with Rox is a great daily show and I can’t wait to get home in theevening and watch Rox’s take on different things.”
– Steve Gandy, Dallas, Texas

“I’d much rather watch 5 minutes of Rox and Lexi than just about anything on TV.”
– “Rupert Morris”:http://www.stimuli.ca/

“I’ve suggested all my coaching clients start their day with Beach Walks — it’s great inspiration.”
– Barbara Benton

“I have just lost myself in your Beach Walks!! What a treat!”
– Katie O.

“Just to let you know how much myself, Rachel and Heidi love the show — we watch it every morning while eating porridge in the wet old UK! I think it is actually our favourite podcast.”
– Dave Goodchild, “Web Buddha”:http://goshocast.libsyn.com/

“I love your show. I have a black lab named lucy. I went to hawaii for 2 weeks about 2 years ago. I keep devising plans to get back but it is almost 24 hours away from here by plane and a full 12 hour time difference. Your show makes me feel less landlocked. Thank you for doing the show and many greetings to the hound as well.”
– Michelle

“I have been watching you, Lexi, your hidden cameraman, and Sweet Lanikai since the beginning…it was serendipity that I found you at all. It has been wonderful and inspirational. But, this episode [#130] deals with a selfless passion that is so grand it is humble. If only the world could be more equitable. It is such a beautiful dream. It is the dream we dream and someday the dream will come true. Thank you for your honest and always heartfelt sharing. You are a light on the Internet.”
– Belinda

Your show brings so much joy my way here in France. I just had to write and say Merci pour your gracious presence and balance of mind, body & spirit. I put my hand into the ocean here on the coast of Brittany and connect all the way to you and Lexi on the beach in Kailua.
– Beth Boutry

I am Akemi, Japanese girl, who loves Hawaii so much. I am writing this comment from Japan. I enjoy your program everyday. When I found this site through i-tune, I felt so happy because Kailua is my most favorite place in Hawaii. I enjoy your program not only the scenery but your wonderful comments. What you talk about everyday is really helpful for me to move forward toward my dream. In Japan, it is sometimes difficult to change one’s carrier or start something totally new at my age of 30. But I have a strong will to do it. I feel relieved when I watch your program whenever I feel down. Big big mahalo for your warm-hearted speaking everyday. Love and Aloha.
– Akemi

Beach Walks is completely transporting. I get the feeling of actually being on the beach. I watch Beachwalks in the morning to start my day off…it puts me in a good mood. Watching Lexi swim is my favorite part, I get a huge grin on my face. The topics make me think about myself, my beliefs, and the world.
– Zia Sun, in New Mexico